Face Your Worst Fear

a cave free diving experience

We are all afraid of something. Are we not good enough? Not strong enough? Not rich enough? Not successful enough? Not potent enough? Find out what your worst fear is and face it head on. 

We will dive into the water flooded caves of Tulum to experience fear, deprivation and existential anxiety. What we learn in these dark depths will give us potentially painful and powerful truths about what truly drives us.

Tulum, Mexico

October 26-28 (Open)

October 29-30  M F1 only

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Freedivers will fly into any airport of their choice near Tulum on Friday, October 26th in the afternoon. Cancun is the largest local airport, but there are several private airfields nearby.  

Transfer to lodging is included.


A private beachfront villa is reserved for participants. 


Freedivers will leave Sunday afternoon or evening. Airport transfer included.


State of the art equipment included.


upon request


For preparatory free diving training, please contact Markus. No free diving experience or advanced swimming skills required. This is not a free diving retreat. The point is to struggle, to be afraid and to face our fears head on. 

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Dr Markus Rogan